Scoring Points With Moms:

The Secret to Engaging Moms to Try, Buy and Share

Moms are the primary decision makers of household purchases, influencing $2.4 trillion in spend every year. (Yes, 2.4 trillion!) So we figured we'd better learn more about what motivates them to try, buy and share products. After digging through tons of collected research, and doing some of our own, we've created this new whitepaper, revealing how to increase engagement and influence purchase behavior from moms, as well as what kind of rewards programs impact online and offline behavior. And we're excited to share.

In this whitepaper, you'll discover:

  • What channels moms use to research and recommend products
  • What rewards motivate moms to engage, recommend and purchase products
  • How to turn a mom into your a brand ambassador (free of charge)
  • How umbrella loyalty programs can take engagement to the next level


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About PunchTab

Founded in January 2011, PunchTab is a multi-channel loyalty and engagement platform that enables agencies, brands and enterprise organizations to incentivize user behavior and drive business success. PunchTab's customers use the company's flexible solutions to deepen audience engagement and build awareness by leveraging everything from social sharing and UGC and awareness campaigns to sophisticated B2E and B2B programs. Unlike solutions that are either high priced and heavy on consulting services, offer one-size-fits all rewards or only provide rigid templates, PunchTab offers both an out-of-the-box product and a fully customizable, white-labeled solutions that can reward and action with virtual, social and real-world rewards.

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