PunchTab Consumer Research Results:

Back-To-School Shopping & Decision-Making Moms

As summer vacation comes to an end and moms begin to dish out the dollars for back-to-school shopping, brands and retailers have a significant opportunity to influence purchase decisions and learn from consumer behavior.

But how well do marketers understand the shifting trends in back-to-school shopping? How tech-savvy are moms shopping online and in-store? Does social media impact their buying decisions? How will they use their smartphone while shopping (if at all)?

In July 2014, we surveyed over 500 moms in the U.S. with children under the age of 18 to find out how they plan to shop for back-to-school clothes and supplies this year. The latest research installment from the PunchTab Consumer Research Series (#PTCRS) reveals:

  • How much more, or less, moms plan to spend this year
  • Where moms plan to shop - online vs. in-store
  • The impact of social media on back-to-school purchase decisions
  • Where brand marketers should be spending their social marketing dollars
  • The importance of smartphones and mobile coupons


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